Our Objectives

Serving the needs of visually impaired people.

The Ulverscroft Foundation was formed to:

  • Relieve and assist, and to provide treatment and education for sick or handicapped persons and in particular persons suffering from defective eyesight.
  • Support medical research and to provide and assist in the provision of facilities for the treatment or alleviation of sick or visually handicapped persons.

The number of people with visual impairment is increasing as the population of world grows, and on average, people are living longer and developing age related eye diseases.

The Ulverscroft Foundation gives financial help to Universities which carry out research into the causes of eye diseases. It funds eye clinics, hospitals, schools, libraries and other organisations which help visually impaired people.

It would be difficult here to list the vast number of visually impaired people who have been helped by the hundreds of projects, large and small, which we have supported.  To see more, go to our ‘What We Do’ page.