Who We Are

Serving the needs of visually impaired people.

Today, there are more people in our community with impaired vision than ever before.

We are based in Anstey, Leicestershire.

The rise in the number of cases has been due to modern advances in ophthalmology. Many people who would otherwise be totally blind, have had their conditions arrested and so retained partial sight. Also, as more people live to greater ages than previously, the number of those with age-related eye diseases has increased.

The Ulverscroft Foundation gives financial help to Universities which carry out research into the causes of eye diseases; funds eye clinics, hospitals, schools, libraries and other organisations which help visually impaired people. We need your support for our work in helping those suffering from visual impairments, which range from partial sight to total blindness.

“I speak sincerely when I say that not only myself, but thousands of senior citizens are very grateful to you and it has brought into our lives a new hope to live out our last days in pleasure and peace.”
~ An excerpt from one of the thousands of letters written to Frederick A. Thorpe, founder of the Ulverscroft Foundation.

It would be difficult to list the vast number of visually impaired people who have been helped by the hundreds of projects, large and small, which we have supported.  To see more, go to our What We Do page.