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Supporting people with sight loss to live more independently (Devon in Sight’s Equipment Bursary Fund)

April 4, 2022

Devon in Sight were delighted to receive the support of the Ulverscroft Foundation towards their Equipment Bursary Fund. The fund provides low-cost assistive technology and daily living aids that help people with sight loss to live more independently and maintain their well-being.

Devon in Sight we were originally formed in 1925.

Many of the clients we supported were unaware of the equipment that was available to help them manage their sight loss. During the Covid-19 pandemic, when face-to-face support was limited to all but essential reasons, these types of devices were especially important. Examples of the equipment we supplied included visually impaired badges so clients could receive help whilst out and about, task lights that mean clients could read and see items in their home, and USB players to help clients listen to their favourite books or keep up to date through Talking Newspapers.

These simple pieces of equipment made a huge difference to our clients, like Marion who called our Advice and Information line for help as she was feeling disheartened that her sight loss was preventing her continuing with her hobbies. These were an important part of her life, and she didn’t want to give up hope of being able enjoy her sewing and lace making due to poor sight.

As a result of our conversation, we sent Marion a task lamp and smaller portable LED multi positional light, both of which she was unaware could support her sight. Marion wrote to us letting us know how she had used these and said, “I’m finding both of these lights extremely helpful, especially the Twist Table Lamp which makes my sewing and lacemaking much easier and far more enjoyable. Being able to see better means so much and regaining my hobbies has meant I am far more relaxed in myself. I am very grateful for all your help and advice, and it is so reassuring to know that I can always contact Devon in Sight if I have any queries in the future”.

The Ulverscoft Foundation’s support was key to enabling us to provide this equipment straight away, helping clients maintain their independence at home and out in the community.