What People Say

Here are just a few excerpts from some of the many heart-warming letters thanking us for our support.


“Devon in Sight were delighted to receive the support of the Ulverscroft Foundation towards their Equipment Bursary Fund.”

Large Print Books

“In appreciation of the work printing large print books thus enabling many people especially the elderly to continue to enjoy reading”

“My father gained many hours of enjoyment from the books in particular during his last years. Not only did he have cataracts and glaucoma in both eyes but he was also confined to a wheelchair, the books were a lifeline to him.”

“I am completely housebound, I spend most of my day lying in the bed reading, I should be lost without your books.”

“Thank you for the wonderful Large Print Books that I have read, I really don’t know what I would do without them.”

“Thanks for the large print books which enable me to keep reading which I so much enjoy.”

“I would like to say I have enjoyed reading books from the library since I found out about the large print, it’s great, I don’t have to use a magnifying glass as well as my glasses.”

“Ever since I was taught at school that joined up letters formed words 80 years ago I have enjoyed reading. Since I retired I have found no more pleasurable occupation than sitting in a comfortable chair with a book on my lap. The years have however taken a toll on my eye sight and it is now essential that I read books printed in large print.”

“In gratitude for the large print books, although I also enjoy the library cassettes, there is nothing like a good read.”

“Thank you so much for the large print library books that I enjoy, I am very grateful.”

“I am partially sighted and find the large print books a Godsend, without them I would be lost and I am very fond of reading.”

“Grateful thanks for many hours of pleasure, from four elderly ladies who still enjoy reading”.

“I write to tell you how very grateful I am to you for your large print books, my mother also benefited from them- she had years of pleasure reading your books, thank you so much.”

“I have enjoyed the privilege of large print books for a long time and am extremely grateful for them. I particularly needed them when waiting for two cataract operations.”

“Apart from being a regular library user of Ulverscroft Large Print Books I am very much supportive of the Foundation’s aims. The size and style of the print the frequent pauses of the paragraphs make it so much easier for me to read than other large print books. Keep up the good work.”

“You have helped me through a very difficult part of my life, thank you.”

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