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Before applying for a grant, please make sure you have reviewed our application guidelines, our criteria for awarding grants as well as our specific bid categories.

  • Please write in clear simple English, do not use jargon.
  • Make sure your application is fact-based.
  • Assume we know the challenges facing visually impaired people.

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Please provide a brief outline of the project's purpose and aims, including how your project will help visually impaired people and a rough estimate of how many people will benefit.

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Please itemise each of the costs and expenses you want us to support, including staffing costs, equipment, consumables and any other potential costs.


If the project is over one year, please give an indication of timescale. If the project needs to be completed by a certain date, please advise.

Supporting Documentation*

Please provide a covering letter on headed notepaper as well as copies of your audited accounts, safety policy and equality policy using the prompt below. Please note the maximum filesize allowed is 5MB and you may upload up to 10 attachments only. If you are unable to attach documents or your attachments are larger than 5MB each, please contact us.


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