Ulverscroft / IFLA Best Practice Awards

Recognising excellence in the development of library services.

The Ulverscroft Foundation and the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) Libraries Serving Persons with Print Disabilities Section had for many years run a programme of awards to library workers. The aim was to assist the development of library services for print disabled people worldwide and to foster cooperation between library services serving these persons.


The matter of future sponsorships is undecided

Background to the Ulverscroft / IFLA Awards

The Ulverscroft Foundation was established in 1973 by Dr Frederick Thorpe, OBE, the founder of Ulverscroft Large Print Books Limited, which he formed in 1964. ULPB is the major supplier of large print books to libraries in the UK and has expanded to become a major commercial supplier of a range of alternative format books in the UK and around the world.

Having established a successful organisation for the supply of alternative format reading material, Dr Thorpe was keen to address the other challenges faced by visually impaired people around the world by ploughing back the profits from his successful business enterprises. Consequently, the Ulverscroft Foundation has funded many hundreds of medical, social and library projects designed to serve the needs of visually impaired people world-wide.

The IFLA: Libraries Serving Persons with Print Disabilities Section (LPD) is the international body which seeks to promote national and international co-operation to improve access to information and reading materials for blind and other print handicapped people. Established in 1983 it has 86 member organisations across the world. IFLA: LPD has published “Guidelines for Library Service to Braille Users”, “The International Directory of Libraries for the Blind” and is currently finalising “Libraries for the Blind in the Information Age: Guidelines for Development”. It holds a Conference every 2 years.

Reports and Project Details from Best Practice Award Winners