Against the Stream by John Sandford-Smith

Against The Stream? (Softcover)
  • 9781399947176
  • 2023

Against The Stream? A Memoir (Softcover)

John Sandford-Smith

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In 1963 as a young and very inexperienced doctor I drove over land to spend a year as a volunteer in a Christian mission hospital on the borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan. The work was fascinating and challenging and I felt strangely drawn to it. I wrote to Sheila asking if she would marry me and could also share my vision and I got a telegram back saying “yes”, and a bit more! So began nine years of living and working in Pakistan and Nigeria and bringing up a young family, before we settled back in England. Over the years we have met some most remarkable people and patients, and in our dotage have visited various remote places both to teach and do eye surgery. I felt there was a story worth telling, but then everything changed; dearest Sheila who was in good health died of Covid at the beginning of the pandemic. So this has become a tribute to her and writing it has helped me on my journey through grief.

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Title Against The Stream? A Memoir
Author John Sandford-Smith
Media Softcover
Genre Non-fiction - Autobiography
ISBN 9781399947176
Publish Year 2023